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Friday, 28 June 2013


 If we always helped one another, no one would need luck.

It has been a busy week but very wet. I don't mind. I love the rain. It makes the views from my house look greener. Here are 2 photos taken from my back room.....

....and lounge room.

The wattle in my front yard is blooming.....

.... and the lyre bird has been back frolicking in the rain and singing its repertoire of  mimicked bird songs.

On Wednesday I did the eulogy for my father-in-law's funeral. Although it was a sad occasion my father-in-law had lived a long and full life. It was lovely to see relatives I had not seen for years. I have actually been divorced from my ex-husband for 7 years and have not seen him for that time, but I have kept in touch with my father-in-law. My ex-husband was overseas and unable to return in time for the service. I had done the eulogy for my mother-in-law 17 years ago and it was lovely to do it for my father-in-law.

My work on organising my house  to sell moves on. I have been made redundant from my teaching job of 15 years and as a result I am going to have to sell my house. It is all a bit chaotic with the detritus of 33 years. I have been a collector and a bit of a hoarder as have my two daughters. It is taking me longer than I thought to organise things , but I have read that it is good to state your goals so this week it is my plan to completely clear my craft room. I shall report on it next week.

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  1. The bush is always nice in the rain. I can never see wattle without thinking of the Monty Python verse:

    "The great Australian wattle
    Is the symbol of our land.
    You can put it in a bottle
    Or hold it in your hand."