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Saturday, 16 March 2013



Today I managed to catch sight of a Tawny Frogmouth perched high up in the casuarina in my front garden. This bird is often mistaken for an owl. 

 These birds have tremendous camouflage. I  saw him up in the branches and then when I went for my camera I lost sight of him. When I returned I thought I must have made a mistake because he seemed to have disappeared, but I then managed to spot him again, sitting completely still.

Tawny Frogmouths are nocturnal and spend the day perched very still in the branches of a tree.

After all the hot weather and rain lately my front garden is quite overgrown. I have begun some really harsh pruning. I have trees that have popped up that I want to keep small. So I used my trusty little chain saw and sawed the tops off a couple of trees that were getting too big. 

So this little tree went from this..........

  To this.

 And this one went from this...........

 To this.

If I let these trees go they would be very big trees. I didn't plant them. Both of them just popped up. I keep them small and bushy and I am hoping that if I cut them now they will be nice little round bushes in a few months.

 My basil has been growing really well and I decided that I would harvest it and make some pesto to freeze. 

The whole exercise was quite disappointing. I harvested about 3 cups of basil leaves.......

.....processed them with some oil; and put them in some ice cube trays to freeze. I only ended up with 5 very small cubes. 

I had hoped for a container full of frozen basil cubes. Now I understand why pesto is so expensive.

Every couple of weeks my daughter J, my mother and myself, visit the Eurostore in Wollongong. This is a shop full of interesting European foods of all descriptions.

One of the things I have discovered here is Ajvar. It is a type of sauce made from capsicums. I make pizzas using Lebanese bread as a base and I use Ajvar in place of pizza sauce. It is delicious.

I bought the hot version once. It was the hottest pizza I have ever tasted! Now I stick with medium or mild. Half a jar makes 2 pizzas and I freeze the rest in the jar.

When I popped into Woolworths today there was a lady standing right near the entrance trying to sell Anzac biscuits done up in plastic bags. She was standing there - just holding the bags in  her hands - no box or basket. I'm sure that Woolworth's management didn't know she was there. She said she had cooked them herself.

I didn't ask how much they were. I just smiled and said, 'No thanks.'

Who knew what was in them or what conditions they were cooked under.

She looked a bit down on her luck so I had to admire her for having a go.

I also lt very sorry for her. I'm sure no one would have bought her biscuits.

I often give the busker who is there occasionally some money and later, when I thought about it, I wished I had bought some biscuits from the lady. I didn't have to eat them. I could have thrown them away later.

Or would that have been the wrong thing to encourage her? Would I have given her false hope?

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