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Sunday, 30 December 2012


 Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.
W. Clement Stone  

New Year's Eve is here. The days just race by. Where do they go?

I don't have a lot of new resolutions - just the anticipation of new things to come and the determination to accept the changes that will inevitably happen and make the best out of them. It makes me think of the old cliche, "Lemons out of lemonade."

I was made redundant towards the end of 2012 when the small school I taught at closed. This means I will lose the income I use to support myself and at the age of 58 the prospects of a new job aren't good. So, for a number of reasons, I am retiring and this means selling my house and moving somewhere smaller to create some type of income stream.

At the moment I am living on the 20 weeks' payout that I received when I finished. This must last me 20 weeks before I am entitled to any unemployment benefits. It is a bit scary. I have never been in a position where no income was coming in and I have to be careful of how much I spend on fixing up the house.

The Back Room

My wonderful P:-) is working on my back room, getting it finished after 15 years. He has been putting batons on the ceilings and the walls so that the gyprock can be put on.

The back room.

It is coming along slowly but surely. The actual lining will have to wait until my brother comes back from a trip to Canada in late February.

Art around the house

As I was cleaning up a box of papers this picture fell out. It was done by my younger daughter R many years ago when she was an art student. It is worked on paper with black ink and coloured pencil. It is probably from one of her life drawing classes. I really like the colours and simplicity of this picture.

Colour pencil and black pen drawing

There is a single callistemon blooming on a branch in my front garden.


I love the way the flower blooms straight from the branch.

This morning there was a lyrebird on my back deck. I heard it before I saw it. It is a loud bird with a rather raucous call of its own, but it mimics other birds. I could here a stream of bird noises and clattering on my roof and sure enough, a lyre bird popped onto my deck.

Lyre bird
Lyre bird

This summer I have seen a few lyrebirds. Sometimes they seem to disappear for years and then they will reappear. They play havoc with pot plants.

Tonight P:-) and I will see in the New Year with his children and grandchildren. It is always a lovely family occasion.

So it is goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013. I wish all my readers the best for the New Year.

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