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Saturday, 22 December 2012


When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.
Helen Keller

With my life changing so much this is a very timely quote for me. Sometimes it is so easy to look at the past with rose coloured glasses. It is lovely to remember past Christmases with two little daughters. It is lovely to remember the last time my family was altogether for Christmas in our home. But if all goes to plan this will be my last Christmas in my family house so I am determined to enjoy this year and start new traditions next year where ever I may be.

I have never seen bark fall off the eucalyptus trees as it has this year. It has covered my footpath and clogged my gutters.

Bark in my gutters.
I keep sweeping it up and raking it off the footpath so I can mow, but it just seems to reappear. 

P:-)'s agapanthus are flowering. These are flowers native to South Africa but very popular in Australia - well at least in Wollongong. They are often seen in council gardens. They are easy to grow and look quite spectacular in mass plantings.

Agapanthus flower head

I snapped a bee looking for nectar on a flower.

Thursday evening saw P:-) and I helping out at the Manna House Christmas Party.Manna House is run by our church - Figtree Anglican Church. It provides a weekly meal and company for people who are down on their luck or just lonely.

Organising dinner.
 At Christmas time a baked dinner is provided.

Clients enjoying a baked dinner

Anthony and Cheryl -regulars at Manna House

I put my nativity sets out on the coffee table this year, under cloches.

Nativity sets

Larger figures

Small nativity set
I plan to finish the last of my shopping this afternoon. I hope if I go about 5 o'clock it will be quiet. As well as cooking dinner for my family Christmas evening, we need to provide a fruit platter for Christmas lunch to which  we have been invited by some of P:-)'s family, and a salad for Boxing Day when all P:-)'s family get together.

I do enjoy Christmas but find that it is all non-stop from Christmas Eve to Boxing day. As much as I love the season, I will be happy when it is over and I can relax.

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