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Sunday, 18 November 2012



On Friday P:-) and I went to Wollongong Art Gallery. My daughter Jade had some work there as part of an exhibition. She mainly makes sculptures. These days most of them are done by felting. Below are some photos of her work.

Pumpkin Soup

P:-) has just learned that his cholesterol level is high so we are on a mission to lower it. P:-) and I live in separate houses but we eat our evening meal together. I am already quite vigilant, usually cooking low fat meals, so cooking meals probably won't differ very much. (P:-) is rather fond of cheese and whole milk which he has at his place)

While I was working, Friday evening was a good time to do our grocery shopping and we have continued to do that. We usually have something quick and easy for dinner when we come home. So for Friday evening I cooked some of my delicious baked pumpkin soup.

Recipe for low fat creamy pumpkin soup

Brown 2 onions of any kind. (I used red onions for this recipe as that was what I had.) I use a nonstick fry pan and cover the onions with water. Turn to a high heat until the water has evaporated then turn to a low heat and allow onions to brown, stirring occasionally,

Brown onions

Put 350 grams of baked pumpkin cut into 2cm chunks into a medium saucepan. (Don't worry if the pumpkin has browned. This will just make your soup more tasty.) 

Baked pumpkin

Add 750ml water, one 375ml can of reduced fat light and creamy evaporated milk and 3 teaspoons of stock powder.

Add the onions and use a stick blender to blend until smooth.

Blend soup
Add some greenery for garnish.

Pumpkin soup
This amount made two large serves for P:-) and myself. I'm sure it would be enough for 4 medium serves if it was accompanied by some bread or toast.

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  1. Congratulations to Jade! wow! Beautiful work :-)Positive ,positive to you Lindy! xoxox


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