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Monday, 3 September 2012


 Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.
Corrie Ten Boom

Well I didn't get the job. In the end there was only one teaching position going when the school reopens next year so M, my teaching colleague and I were up for the same job, as well as anyone else who applied. M got the position which was really as it should be. He is ten years younger  than me, and I have to admit, has a lot more enthusiasm. So I am happy for him.

I have the rest of the year to work - 2 more weeks in this term and then 10 weeks in the final term.

So what does the future hold? I am pretty sure I will retire, as to what form that will actually take I am not quite sure. I will probably sell my house. I am very interested in Tiny Houses, even though I have a big house with lots of stuff. I would not build a tiny house but I think I would be quite happy to live in a caravan park in a self contained unit. Click here to see the type of thing I would be looking at. But that is a way off for now. My current house needs a bit of fixing which P:-) is going to help me with.

I have a passion for teaching young people with reading difficulties and I would probably do some private tutoring if I retire.

P:-) says I should just take it all one step at a time, but I do like to have a plan.

Spring in the Camellia Gardens

On Saturday, the first day of spring P:-)'s newest granddaughter had a naming day in lieu of a christening. It was held in the Camellia Gardens in Caringbah. It was a beautiful day. A celebrant officiated.

Naming ceremony

A special candle with the baby's name on it was lit and held by the god mother.

Baby R had the best booties on. They were crocheted red with large satin bows on them with big faux rubies in the centre.

Cute booties
 The Camellia Gardens were not quite in full bloom as it was still too early in the season but were still  very attractive.

Path through the gardens

Blooms in the gardens

Sunday was Fathers' Day and we had afternoon tea at P:-)'s place for his family.

So it was a very pleasant weekend. The weather is beautiful, just as it should be in early Spring and there are many more sunny days forecast to come.

Interesting sites

Photo source
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Photo source
  Click here to view some very unusual cloud pictures. I came across this site at Jayne's blog Gleeful.


  1. So i typed out this nice comment then lost it because i chose the wrong profile to send it from >.<

    anyhow my point was that the whole job thing may well be good - its a new page in the book. As much as it is daunting a stressful now i have no doubt things will be ok.

    and the Camellia gardens look beautiful - i may ahve to make B take me there :)

  2. Love those red baby shoes, they are so cute!
    The candle is pretty too and I am glad that you had a
    good day.

    I agree with P maybe just take one day at a time
    it is nice to have a plan
    but sometimes these things just work out for the best
    as time goes by.

    Take care



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