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Monday, 25 June 2012


There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally.


This quote reminds me of my job. I teach teenagers who don't fit into the mainstream system - often because of behaviour issues, and one of the things I learned long ago was not to take things personally. So often we have to deal with young people who are angry at the world (often for very good reason) and to take a lot of the behaviour and comments personally could be soul destroying. In a sense, as the quote suggests, this leaves me free to do my job.

Vintage tulip

I am on holidays at last!

The first thing I did was a load of washing and hung it out. Just lately I have been in the very bad habit of washing and drying things in the clothes drier as I go. I feel very guilty about this as I know it is not necessary and bad for the environment. It is also not good for my electricity bill. So today it was lovely just to have the time to was and hang out a load and get a few days ahead with things.

P:-) lives a stone's throw from Lake Illawarra so in the late afternoon we went for quite a long walk along path skirting the edge.

Path by the lake

There was some bird life around.

Flapping duck

A lone heron

The ubiquitous seagull

Another heron
The sun was just setting as we walked back affording us some lovely views over the lake.

View across the lake
Sun going down over the lake

 Blog Review

I always look forward to reading the posts in Gleeful by Jayne. Jayne writes about her life in Melbourne and has a passion for old signs which she photographs regularly. Photography is one of Jayne's talents and she often supplies beautiful photos of flowers or ducks (which are another favourite subject.) I don't know Melbourne very well and really feel that through Gleeful I am getting a real feel for the ambiance of the city and its surrounds.

Jayne sprinkles her posts with just enough personal detail to keep the tone warm and friendly. Pop over to Gleeful and join Jayne in her daily adventures in Melbourne.

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