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Thursday, 28 June 2012


Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one's better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk, and to act. 
 Maxwell Maltz

Mum, P:-) and I went to the movies to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I was a little disappointed. I'm not sure what I had expected - perhaps a little more 'depth.' I had expected more of the special effects - I expected them to be more special - but I think I may be spoiled. I remember going to the cinema to see the old Sinbad movies when I was a child and being enchanted by the special effects. I first saw Mary Poppins when I was 12 and thought it was fantastic with people floating in the air when they laughed and bedroom clutter putting itself away in cupboards. I guess I see so much CGI now I take it for granted, or perhaps I am just growing old and jaded and don't appreciate the magic in fantasy the way I used to. I hope it is the former and not the latter.

Snow White and the Huntsman Photo source

For those of you who are following the saga of my employment, (I teach in a small school which is being closed down and I am being made redundant A new school is opening in its place and I am applying for a similar job.) my colleague and fellow teacher who applied for the position of coordinator, did not get it. That means we may both be applying for the one teaching position. He is a great teacher and far more outgoing than I am. We are not exactly sure of the number of teaching positions being allocated - whether it is one or two- but if there is only one, I don't like my chances. It all seems quite strange. I had expected my life would go on in a similar way for the next ten years,

I just read an article, Children Don't Need Your Presents - They Need Your Presence. My children  are grown up, but without going into detail, there are some special circumstances which makes me think about this. Sometimes it is just so hard to know what the right thing is.

I bought a couple more books from the $5 book shop. In days when the children were young and four of us lived on a teacher's wage, I could make a bag of potatoes go a long way - gnocchi, soup, stuffed baked potatoes. With a possible change in my economic status I thought the book on potatoes may come in very handy and the art book has some great ideas in it.

Of course this means getting rid of four books - 2 for every 1 I buy. This is still pretty easy. Not too much pain yet, which suggests that I do have far too many old, useless books. (If there is such a thing as a useless book)

Old books

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