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Thursday, 14 June 2012


An optimist is the human personification of spring.
Susan J. Bissonette

Well, I ordered 500 business cards on line last night. They have lovely photos of clouds on them and my name and basic communication details. I am getting prepared in case I don't get my job.  I will look into tutoring. I have tutored a variety of subjects to teenagers but my specialty is in reading difficulties and that is what I really enjoy. As soon as I hear I don't have a job I will advertise in the local free paper. My job will last until the end of this year but I figure I may as well get something going before then.

Next I plan to sell something on Ebay. I'm not quite sure what. I have only ever sold one thing on Ebay. That was a Zumba Fit set of CD's and equipment which was responsible for a nasty knee problem. But setting up a business selling on Ebay is a possibility. My brother manages to sell bits and pieces on Ebay that he buys and picks up from around the place. Who knows what I can achieve if I have the time.

Then I plan to look into affiliate marketing. My daughter R and I have tried setting up one site called Healthy Weight Loss but it wasn't very successful. 

I went out to P:-)'s place this afternoon after school. The rain seemed to have stopped at last and I snapped a few pictures.

A lone dandelion in P:-)'s lawn.

A dandelion clock.

Lake Illawarra viewed from P;-)'s front yard, through the trees

A pretty sky scape.

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