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Monday, 7 May 2012


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Albert Einstein

P:-) and I enjoyed the weekend. On Sunday we attended the Wings Over The Illawarra air show at Albion Park Aerodrome. We hadn't planned to go until Saturday when we heard about it, but it was definitely worth it.

Albion Park Aerodrome

The photo below shows the Roulettes, an acrobatic flying team, flying overhead, and below, a large green plane with folding wings from an aircraft carrier.

Below are the Roulettes. The Roulettes are the Royal Australian Air Force's elite formation aerobatic display team that showcase Air Force flying skills to the Australian public. Team members are flying instructors at the Air Force's Central Flying School.

People queuing to look inside an Airforce Helicopter

I think the clear nose in the bomber below is interesting. Apparently it is where the machine gunner sits.

I took about 85 photos at the air show.  Culling them is an interesting exercise. Firstly the blurry shots go. Then I  choose the best out of repetitive shots and delete the rest. Lastly I choose those that I think are most representative of the feeling of the day.

The photos I have chosen don't really give an indication of the crowds of people who attended, nor perhaps the overall size of the show, but I think they give a fair representation of the day.

I was taken back to a time, many years ago when I could not have been much older than 5 when my family drove up to watch an air show at RAAF Base Richmond, on the Western outskirts of Sydney. I couldn't help but think how much my father who died 48 years ago as a young man of 41, would have enjoyed an airshow so close to home.

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  1. Folding wings! I'm not sure I like the sound of that...