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Thursday, 31 May 2012


Optimism is true moral courage.
Ernest Shakelton

I see myself as fairly optimistic - either that or I just don't care enough to worry too much. Actually I believe that ultimately God will look after me. I am quite optimistic about my job. If I get it or I don't - either way I can see the good side. Today I had a day with nothing too much to do - a real luxury. I think how nice it would be to really get to the house and yard if I didn't go to work, even if I would be very poor. And then I think how nice it will be if I get the job and I can see about fixing up a few things around the house that I need to pay people to do.

On the other hand there are some times when I just want to crawl into a ball and not think about anything - and sometimes I allow myself 5 minutes here and there to do just that.

Vintage image - lily of the valley

It was good today to have a chance to clean up my front entry hall. I tend to throw mail and papers down there and it becomes a bit of a filing cabinet on the floor. So I gave it a bit of a clean and sweep and tidy and thought about how I can give it a good wash in my holidays, three weeks away.

My front hall

Window of front hall
I also bought a book, Editing Digital Photos for Dummies - The Pocket Version.

I hope there will soon be an improvement in the photos on this blog.

Of course this means getting rid of 2 books. The books I have chosen are Garlic and 50 Fabulous Chocolate Cakes.

I shall give these to my mother as she loves recipe books of all sorts.

Yesterday I noticed my wattle tree in my front yard is flowering.

Wattle tree

Wattle blossom

It is the first day of winter - 1st June. It isn't Wattle Day for another 3 months. I have an early blooming variety. Wattle is Australia's national flower.

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