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Sunday, 25 March 2012


 Home, the spot of earth supremely blessed, A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.
Robert Montgomery

I love my home. There are times when I think I should sell it for various reasons, but I just love it. I love that it is near the bush. I love all the love that has been put into the house and garden. I really feel that to sell it would be to lose a part of myself. Sometimes it is lonely. Sometimes the memories it holds are just too sad. Sometimes what needs fixing on my house seems overwhelming. One day the time will come when I will be parted from it but for now I will keep it.
Vintage flower fairy

Friday afternoon saw me having coffee at Gloria Jean's in Wollongong Mall. Every now and then I have coffee with Cheryl a client from Manna House, a place at my church where people down on their luck come in once a week for a free meal. Cheryl is 42 and has an intellectual disability. We always meet at Gloria Jeans as it is very public. 

This is the view up the mall from Gloria Jean's towards the west.

Wollongong Mall
Below is Wollongong Mall looking from Gloria Jean's towards the East.

Wollongong Mall
The local council plans to 'redo' the mall. But I think it is fine. I really don't want my rates to go up to prettify a perfectly useful and pleasant place.

 P:-) and I spent quite a bit of Saturday working on our poor little caravan. The skylight has cracked and let lots of water into the ceiling. P:-) has it all under control. We manage to find a new skylight in a catalogue at the local camping store and we ordered it. Hopefully it should come in about a week.

We spent some time pinning and gluing a part of the canvas which was falling down. We plan to go away in about 3 weeks to Davis Town but we haven't quite decided if we will take the caravan or the boat.

This is our little Jayco Finch.

Our caravan
It is a bit of an odd photo but I took it as best I could with the caravan  parked in P:-)'s drive way.

Today was a bit of a mixed up day but I found some time to fix a wreath I made a couple of months ago from roses P:-) gave me, which I had dried.

The leaves had shriveled up.

Rose wreath
 I pressed some eucalyptus leaves in the phone book to replace the old leaves which I had just used fresh.

Pressed eucalyptus leaves

I pinned these onto the wreath form.

Leaves on wreath
Then I added the roses.

Wreath with new leaves

If you scroll back to the old wreath, you will see that the new version is infinitely better. I am hoping that having pressed the leaves first they will keep their shape and color.

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  1. We will be fixing up our camper soon too. I like how you call it a caravan instead of camper. It's much more romantic. In fact we were just talking about painting that on ours last week. We have to seal our roof every year or it leaks. It's worth it. We got it for free, but we love it!


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