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Thursday, 15 March 2012


 If you look for joy, you will find joy. If you look for trouble, that’s what you’ll find. 

Courtney Carver  

I have been very busy lately. P:-) has retired and I have been spending a lot of time with him, helping him ease into retirement. It hasn't left a lot of time for blogging.

The days have been passing remarkably. I am looking forward to school holidays in three weeks time.

Fairy Wrens
I have at least one family of Fairy Wrens living in my front garden. These are little native birds. They are hard to photograph as they are constantly moving. The females are just a plain brown.

Female fairy wrens
Female fairy wren

Female Fairy Wren
The males seem to be far more elusive and I only managed to catch a glimpse of the male through some leaves.

Glimpse of the male Fairy Wren
The male is a very pretty bright blue and black.

I know it is a family as I saw the mother feeding the babies, even though they can fly.

They are quite noisy but very difficult to spot.

Solar toadstools

I couldn't understand why my solar toadstool lights weren't working and finally realized I hadn't turned them on. This is the photo without using the flash on the camera.

Solar toadstool lights
This is the photo using the flash.

Photo with flash.
I need to take a photo just on twilight to get a really good picture.

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