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Tuesday, 7 February 2012


 The highest level of unselfish thinking comes when you give of yourself to another person for their personal development or well-being.

John Maxwell  (Thinking For A Change)

Jasper the grand-dog

Daughter R and I took Jasper, her little dog for a walk and I couldn't resist showing you some photos. I just love him.

Jasper is a little Miniature Fox Terrier.

Jasper really enjoys his walks.

Jasper has a very cute face.

Purchases from the Salvo's

I took my usual fortnightly trip to the Salvos with some things to donate and of course came away with a few things.

I bought this pretty cushion with ribbon embroidery, and a couple of baskets for storage in my craft room.

Cushion with ribbon embroidery

Closeup of ribbon embroidery
 I also bought a couple of books. This will mean taking 4 books back to the Salvo's. My rule is that for every book that I bring into the house, 2 go out.

Books purchased.
I also purchased an oil painting in an old frame.

Painting purchased.
I bought this picture for the frame. It was only $3. I shall paint the frame gold and plan to put something of my own in it. It will go in my bedroom. I am going to decorate my bedroom with a unifying theme of gold, blue and green, and fill it with interesting things that don't fit in the rest of the house.

Interesting sites


Photo credit
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Photo credit
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Photo credit
Click here to see some great pictures of Montreal's snow village.

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