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Friday, 20 January 2012


                      Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation.
                   Robert H. Schuller

I wish I had understood this earlier in life. I may have written my best selling novel by now. ( Maybe I still have time.)

Toadstools continued

In my last post I began to write about my toadstool collection. I plan to finish that in this post.

My daughter R drew me a beautifully detailed pencil drawing of toadstools.

Drawing of toadstools
Detail of toadstool drawing

Detail of toadstool drawing

I have a number of ornamental toadstools given to me and collected from various places.

Toadstool ornaments

The large glass toadstool on the right is a lamp given to me by my mother for my birthday. The blue toadstool in the center is one made by my daughter R. The toadstool cluster on the left was made by my daughter R and decorated by me one afternoon on my birthday.

A year ago Daughter R gave me an afternoon treat for my birthday. She had made some toadstools from self hardening clay and molded some other  plaster bits and pieces and set up a table in the back garden with paints and brushes. We spent the afternoon in the sun decorating toadstools, lizards and frogs. It was a wonderful afternoon. A birthday I shall never forget.

When you get sad be awesome.

I came across this sign at House of Hepworths. I just love the sentiment.

Photo credit

What a great idea!

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