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Friday, 20 January 2012


 The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Sally Berger

I wish I had understood the meaning of this when I was younger. I just wanted to write a best selling novel straight away. But I never actually got around to starting. I didn't understand that you need to start small, but at least start and then work from there. I understand that a lot better now, but I am running out of years.

I had a bit of spare time today so I decided to spruce up the end of my dining table. I had added a handful of frogs after the Christmas decorations were gone, but they just got lost on the black glass. I had a vase ready to fill but hadn't got around to it. So the end of the table looked like this.

Unspruced end of table
I bought a doily at the Salvation Army Store for $1.

I added the frogs.

Ornamental frogs
I put some agapanthus in the vase...and voila!

Finished table

I have a happy table.

I should point out that my daughter R painted the picture of the frog a number of years ago. I love its bright colors.

 Around the garden

Because my garden is very shady, I don't get a lot of flowers blooming, so I am always pleased when they do. My native tea tree in the front garden is flowering.

Flowering tea tree
 The flowers are very delicate.

Tea tree flowers

Tea tree flowers
The common name of 'tea tree' is used for some species of Leptospermum  which my tea tree is. The name derives from the practice of early Australian settlers soaking the leaves of several species of tea tree in boiling water to make a herbal tea rich in Vitamin C.

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