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Thursday, 29 December 2011


 Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. 
Jim Ryun

The walking habit

Is it repeating something for 28 days that makes it a habit? I have a few bad habits I would like to change. The first thing is my slow mornings. I am slow in the mornings and I waste time. I seem to drag myself out of bed at 7 am on work days and then I have trouble opening my eyes. Once I am up all I want to do is lie down and close my eyes - and sometimes I do this, leaving myself a 15 minute window to get dressed and ready.

A year ago I was doing very well - walking in the mornings at 6am. I know I feel better when I walk, but it is just actually doing it I have trouble with. I figure I have about 28 days left until I go back to work. Can I create a walking habit by then? I am certainly going to try.

A day to get organized

Looking out the window near my computer I can see it is a lovely sunny day. I have some time to myself today as P:-) has an appointment. It is a day to take stock and catch up on some basic necessities, especially if we are going up to spend New Year's Eve with P:)'s family tomorrow and then away to Davistown for a few days on Sunday.

I have a number of things I must get done.
  • Washing and packing is 1st on the agenda.
  • Groceries
  • Whipper-snip the footpath grass
  • Scrub the bathroom
Looks like a fun day!

Around P:-)'s place

Unbeknown  to me P:-) has a soft spot for owls, and in the few days before Christmas, spotted a few owl ornaments  which he purchased.

The first was a little plain ceramic owl he spotted in Oat and Honey at Helensburgh.

The second lot of owls P:-) bought at his local pharmacy which also sells gifts.

P:-) doesn't have a lot of places to put ornaments. He wants to keep the main part of his house clutter free. But they do look nice against the dark wood of his TV cabinet.

The photo doesn't really do the scene justice. I had to use the flash which I think often takes a lot of the warmth out of photos.

I shall keep an I out for 'owl' things from now on.

Decorating at home

My daughter R acquired some small table legs and made me some candle holders for Christmas. She glued on terracotta saucers and then painted them in acrylic paint.


The candle holders have delicate vines painted on them in white.

I love them! They are the perfect color for my lounge-room.

Interesting sites


 I love this house out in the desert, but where do people put all their stuff? Click here to read more

  This LED ball is for New York New Year's eve. Click here to read more.

  This water bridge in Germany is very interesting. Click here to read more.

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