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Sunday, 28 August 2011


Monday already. The weekend was fairly quiet, but productive.

1.  I positioned the fairy door in my front garden.

This is view below is taken without the flash. It gives you an idea of how the light shines at night.

2. P:-) cut a vine down that was threatening to choke one of my trees.

 As you can see, my back yard is quite bushy.

Here are a couple more pictures to give you the idea.

3. P:) attacked the climbing fig threatening to take over my house.

It was beginning to worry me and I had tried to pull it down with little success. I love the look of it but I think it is bad for the brickwork. It is also climbing up the television aerial which I suspect would not do much for the reception.

Here is the before shot.
 Below is the after-shot
There is still a bit more to do. P:-) will bring his ladder next weekend. He said if he pulls it now it will bring down the aerial.

4. We made it to church - a little late.

 A beautiful, shining white cross was projected onto the back of the stage. But it hasn't quite come out in the photo.

P:-) and I are members of  Figtree Anglican Church . The Anglican church in Australia is similar to the Episcopalian church in the US. We attend the 6 pm service called Fuse. It has great music.

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