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Monday, 17 December 2018


Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Paul J. Meyer

I love quotes because they often contain little gems of wisdom and when I come across ones that resonate with me, I include them here on my blog.

I am thinking of starting a new blog - one that is more professional and deals with general lifestyle and living well  on a low income. I have been slow starting and then came across this quote above. I have printed it off and put it up near my computer. The three principles - commitment to excellence; intelligent planning; and focused effort - have become a bit of a mantra for me, especially when I feel like giving up.

The run up to Christmas is well and truly upon us. How quickly the days pass now. It is only 2 weeks until the end of the year! As always the time has caught up with me and I marvel at the way the younger me coped, in fact blossomed, many years ago at Christmas time with school aged children and many Christmas committments and presents to buy (and a lot fewer aches and pains!)

Last weekend we travelled to Canberra to spend time with family we won't see on Christmas Day. As always it was a lovely weekend, made even more enjoyable by watching the 3 great-nephews aged 2, 4 and 6 decorate a gingerbread house.

Later the house was smashed and we shared gingerbread.


Christmas is time for the Illawarra Flame Tree to flower and they can be seen dotted around the Illawarra. I spotted this one in Figtree.

The photo above was taken through the car window as we picked up donated bread from a baker for a charity we work for known as Manna House.

These orchids bloomed in Peter's yard. They receive absulutely not attention and are extremely pot bound, but flower nevertheless and are quite beautiful. 

Speaking of plants I have discovered that basil grows in water. I bought a bunch recently, cut the top leaves off and then stuck lot in water to use the lower leaves later. Surprisingly the stems grew new leaves and copious roots.

I am going to try a few more herbs on my windowsill. You can read more about how to do it here.

Clean your house with toothpaste

After having a scare with cancer I am determined to use as many non-toxic house products as possible. I already make my own general cleaner with 1/4 cup liquid dish detergent, 1/4 cup of white vinegar (the cheapest you can get) and 1 litre of water. Put into spray bottles to use in the kitchen and bathroom. Sometimes I also add some peppermint essence because I like the smell.
I was interested to come across this site suggesting the use of toothpaste for household cleaning. Of course toothpaste has preservatives and other chemicals but I reckon that since it is safe enough to put in your mouth it must be a reasonably non-toxic cleaner. I am planning to give it a try. You can read the article here.

Biggest blessing

Our biggest blessing this Christmas has been the birth of little Emelia Grace to Peter's daughter. She is their third daughter and Peter's seventh grandchild and will be much loved.

Interesting sites

1. Glass treehouse in Mexico City

Photo source
A Mexico city architect has built a tree house out of glass instead of wood. Click here to read more.

2. England once forced everyone to be buried in wool

Photo source
As of  March 25, 1677, everyone in England had to be buried in woollen (rather than linen) shrouds—on pain of a hefty £5 fine taken from the deceased’s estate or his or her associates. Click here to read more.

 3. These spiders decorate their webs

Photo source.
Some spiders seem to decorate their webs and scientists don't know why. Click here to read more.


  1. Thanks for Beautiful photos! Illawarra Flame Tree...How beautiful..and guess what! herbs in my house..yes sirreeee Thanks
    Blessing to you too Lindy
    From Canada xoxoxo

  2. Im going to have to buy some cheap toothpaste!! Xoxo

    1. They have some really cheap toothpaste in Woolworths.

  3. I have been experimenting with crushed pumice as a foot scrub. I tried a few creams and pastes to mix it and then got the idea of toothpaste! Perfect! It is the right consistency, smells good, and leaves your feet white as white! xx

  4. PS: I will look forward to your new blog! xx

  5. Thank you. I have been planning it for a while and now I have posted that I am going to do it I will have to.


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