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Monday, 25 April 2016

You'll Never Undesrtand Until It Happens To You

I could write a lot about this but suffice to say I never knew what some things were really like until they happened to me. My life has taken a lot of unexpected turns. And sometimes I find myself asking why me? But I have still learned a lot in the process and can empathise with people going through hard times. So I can be helpful.

One good thing is that I have been through the hardest thing I am ever going to go through in my life and come out the other end. I have learned that in God's strength I can be a very strong person. 

Peter and I took a short trip to the Southern Highlands. Even though it is not far from home we decided to stay at Mittagong and have a look around the area.

Our first day took us to Berrima , home of Berrima Jail and Courthouse.

Berrima Jail

One of the things I learned this trip was that Berrima Jail was used as an internment camp for Germans in WW1.

Berrima Court House

We followed the trail along the Wingecarribee River.

We spotted this beautiful fungus. (I am a fungusphile.)

There were a few wombat holes like the one below along the riverbank.

The river was very tranquil.

As we walked we came to Lambies Well. The photo below doesn't really do it justice. It was like something out of an Alfred Lord Tennyson poem.

 On our second day we visited Bowral and went for a bike ride around some of the streets.

And stopped for lunch in the mall. I felt like a proper bike rider, eating my falafel roll with our bikes propped up nearby.

We spent  a day at Bundanoon with another bike ride, and our last day just relaxing and checking out the local hardware shop.

We arrived home on Saturday. It was great only having an hour to drive. Peter is very skillful at backing the caravan up the drive which is good because I am absolutely hopeless at directing him.


Platypus Creations 1

I have added card making to Platypus Creations 1. So far I am making hand drawn cards in black and white that can be coloured in. Here are 2 examples.

Find these cards and how to order your own names and designs on Platypus Creations 1.

In My Garden

I have been in my garden with my trusty chain saw. I am really trying to give it a total makeover.

The branches are from a native  banksia. . I am not sure what sort. I really want to use the branches and twigs for something. 

I have a bit of a problem in my backyard. The Brush Turkeys have built a nest over the back boundary of my yard. The new neighbour who owns the land obviously knows little about Brush Turkeys and has accused me of dumping stuff on his land.

I can't afford to get my neighbour off side and luckily it is great mulch and full of worms, so I shall clear it and then tell him I am not going to do it again. The other problem is that I do have a few other things encroaching on his land  so I don't want to suddenly be asked to do a big clean up job.

The herb garden is coming on. 

I bought 3 old sage plants for 50 cents each and turned them into 3 plants plus cuttings.

Sage plants

Sage cuttings

Interesting sites

Lotus Belle Tent
Photo source
 Ever heard of a lotus belle tent? If not, you’re about to be amazed. This man is living inside this gorgeous tent in the forest while his tiny house is being constructed. The tent itself is beautiful, but wait until you see what he’s done to the inside! Absolutely lovely.

Click here to see inside it.

Dangerous talc
Photo source
Johnson and Johnson must pay $72 million after woman's death results from ovarian cancer caused by long term use of talcum powder.


 3D printed beak
Photo source

Amazing team makes 3D printed beak to help macaw with serious condition eat on her own!

 Click here to read more.


  1. Your time away sounds wonderfully relaxing even with the bike riding. ;)

  2. Silly neighbor! Still can't believe the ignorance! But it is good to keep the peace :)

  3. Ditto the above comment about the silly neighbour. I hope they read your blog!