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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Week 1 Of The New Year

If opportunity doesn't knock... build a door.  

Milton Berle

The first week of the New year is over. 

I have changed some medication a few weeks ago and am feeling really good so I am trying to get a lot of stuff done around the house.

Trees pop up in my garden. Some of them I keep and try to keep small. The Macrozamia palm has outgrown its position in my garden at the front as it is knocking the retaining wall down so I attacked it and a eucalypt getting out of hand, with my chainsaw.

My wonderful Peter then got stuck in and began maneuvering it out using an adze, shovel, spade and lever.

 It is taking some maneuvering and Peter is still working on it.

By chance I went to a couple of shops selling Christmas trees at really low prices so I have bought some Christmas trees ready for next year.

For the last few years I have used a branch but I am redecorating my house and decided I wanted a more traditional look for next year.

Peter and I have been doing some bike riding. Mainly along the bike track at Towradgi.

 I am a bit nervous. I started falling over when my bike was stopped, so Peter bought me this new retro bike which has made all the difference. But I am still a bit nervous. I need more practice. A few days of rain  stopped my practicing.



I became the mother of a 36 year old this week. My elder daughter turned 36. I am not supposed to write about her here but she has had a life long struggle with clinical depression and continues to fight it. She is an artist and I am very proud of her. If you put Jade Pegler  into Google, you will be able to read about her and some of her work although not much of her recent stuff. She is currently involved in buying second hand silk kimonos from Japan and using these to make patchwork she which turns into clothes. Don't tell her you read about her here!

My other younger daughter and her husband are setting up their back yard with very limited finances. My son-in-law has started a YouTube Channel so you can read about them here. It would be great if you subscribed.


  Interesting sites


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  Gediminas Pranckevicius

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 Beautiful reflections

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  1. You were fortunate to get some Christmas trees on special. I did get some wreaths on special for me to pretty up for next year. I had wanted to get a little white tree for our dark hallway but no success this year! I will see for myself how your front garden is coming along shortly! :)