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Friday, 22 January 2016


The biggest lesson that I ever learnt was to let people help me, even when it felt like the most unnatural thing to do.

Natasha Hinde  The Huffngton Post UK

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The quote above resonated with me when I read it. When my husband of 30 years decided to leave what I had thought was a happy marriage, it seemed like my world had dissolved. There seemed to be no solid ground.

I was determined to survive and make a new life for myself. At first I tried to go on as usual. I took no time off work. I didn't want to be a burden on anybody. But then my mother very wisely advised me to let people help me. I took her advice and it made all the difference.

I have always had family and friends I could rely on, but this was different. They could rely on me too, but not in the state I was in now. So I accepted help from people - close friends, my mother, my brother and my daughters.

I came through it all with a different view on accepting help. It is often easy to help others but not always so easy to accept it yourself.

I have been enjoying the holidays. It is good to have a break from tutoring. I was tutoring about 6 or 7 hours a week over the last 6 months. Each lesson only goes for an hour but I spend a lot of time preparing. I am mainly working with 8 or 9 year old boys with reading disorders. Reading disorder can take various forms so may need slightly different approaches with each child. 

Occasionally I will get a one off lesson with a senior student writing an essay. Occasionally I will have a maths lesson working with a child anywhere from year 2 to year 10. I never know exactly what I am going to do from week to week.

I enjoy it but I am certainly enjoying the break.

I am trying to get on with some gardening. I am making very slow progress.
I chopped down a  eucalyptus tree in my front garden a few weeks ago.

I noticed this beautiful new growth already. I just love the deep rich colour.

My daughter R and I picked up this table from a rubbish heap on the footpath recently.It is made of wood, plaster of Paris and wrought iron.It is pretty ghastly as it is.

I had plans for it but for now I have just put it at the end of my entry with a tablecloth on it. It's a great place to hide shoes. I added a chair that I picked up from the side of the road and painted, and a few other bits and pieces.

For some reason my mobile coverage isn't quite as good as it was and I have to sit out in the hall to get  reception,

My son-in-law bought me the box a few years ago. It has some of my little treasures in it - a seal vertebra and a piece of jade from New Zealand; some coral and a shell I found while snorkeling in Vanuatu; some paper wasp's nests from here.

Under the cloche is a piece of my daughter's artwork from a few years ago.

Peter and I have been bike riding most days either along the bike track at Lake Illawarra or along the bike track at Towradgi. I am determined to get a bit more confident before we go away in about 10 days - and I am getting better. But it is surprising how many people don't move over on the bike track. They don't realise they are taking their lives in their hands as I get wobbly once I have to go off the track to go around them, and I am likely to fall on them.

I have ridden a bike since I was a child, and always had a bike but after falling off a couple of times in the past year I became very nervous. Peter bought me a new retro bike which is a lot easier to ride, but it is still taking me a while to get my confidence back.

Below is some of the lovely scenery from our rides. We are so lucky to live in Wollongong by the lake and the sea.

 I finished another owl brooch on Wednesday. I meet with a good friend each week for a couple of hours and we do some craft together.

 This picture below shows the size of the brooch compared to a dollar coin.

Church on Sunday was pretty noisy with lots of dancing. There had been a church camp on for high school students during the previous week and it was finishing at the evening church service. The theme of the camp had been - LIMITLESS. This was written in changing coloured lights on the front stage.

It was noisy but inspiring.

And finally, a view from my back window this afternoon.

It has been raining but I never tire of the view out my back window.

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  1. That owl brooch is beautiful. I enjoy crafting with you. Your mother is wise to advise you to accept help from others. It is something I struggle with - as though I can't show a weakness, yet I would quickly offer to help others!

  2. The front hall looks lovely xox


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