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Thursday, 3 December 2015


Here's conventional wisdom:
Success makes you happy. Happiness permits you to be generous.
In fact, it actually works like this:
Generosity makes you happy. Happy people are more likely to be successful.
Happiness permits you to be generous.

Seth Godlin 

On Saturday, my Grand-dog Jasper put on his Christmas finest and went along and had his photo taken with Santa at Pet Stock Fairy Meadow.

Jasper is a nervous little dog and had just been to the vet to have some stitches checked so he was a bit hesitant when being passed to Santa, but then he seemed to realize that Santa was actually  my brother and his little tail started wagging!

It is my niece's elbow in the corner. She was taking the photos. Money from the photos is going to Wollongong Animal Rescue Network.

Below is my wonderful brother G, dogless for a brief moment.

 Meanwhile the lyrebird has been back on my deck again.

I live in the suburb of Balgownie, in the city of Wollongong, in the state of NSW , in Australia. I live on the South Coast and my house backs up against the mountain. I love it here - all the advantages of a city, but the beauty of the bush in my back yard.

My friend M showed me how to make these snowmen out of socks. They are stuffed with rice. We had a lovely afternoon a few weeks ago. M provided all the materials and very clear instructions.

Here are my little men, all set to go to P's place for the weekend, sitting in the bottom of a plastic container with other things that need to go.

Some of P's family and mine are getting together on Sunday for a pre-Christmas lunch and the snowmen will be part of the decorations.

Packed with the snowmen is a calendar.

It is a Pet Rescue calendar costing $2. These are available here. It has beautiful pictures and my nephew Laurie Edwards, from Laurie Edwards Images, has a photo in there.

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  1. It was a pleasure to make the Snowmen with you. Thank you also for your soothing company most weeks whilst we craft and chat together. God bless