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Monday, 22 December 2014


I read a blog called Daisies and Bruises:The Art of Living With Depression. Living with depression is certainly an art. Medication takes the edge off my depression and then I try to make my life as positive as possible. When I was first diagnosed with chronic major depression 20 years ago, I didn't tell anyone. I even went to a chemist in another suburb so my local pharmacist didn't know!

As depression has become more talked about and more accepted, I have shared my experiences and especially tried to help those with similar problems. There is hope but you have to work at it. I thank God that I was diagnosed when I was.

It's not all gloom and doom but living a productive, successful life with depression does take work.

Looking at the positives is part of the answer, and enjoying the small moments in life. So I write my blog to share some of these positives and small moments. It helps me focus on the good things in my life.

Often these things may seem trivial but I try to enjoy all the small things. Life has taken a few unexpected turns leaving me not so well off financially as I once was. Being suddenly made redundant meant that my lifestyle has changed quite markedly, although I am eternally grateful for my pension. My life now tends to be made  up of smaller, quieter things. I may be money poor but I am time rich and really enjoying it.

Lovely P:-) cleaned out my gutters for me on the weekend. I live in the trees and my gutters continually fill with leaves, but I love it.

This was the view from my ensuite. It was so pretty I decided to add a few more shots.

I love the view from the back of my house. I love being part of the bush, yet I am right on the edge of the city and 10 minutes from Wollongong CBD.

I have a plain silver wreath that I decorated, sticking with my theme of silver and gold, and hung it on my front door.

P:-) and I went to church and the stage was decorated with mini-lights set in the shapes of Christmas tree. It was very pretty. We sang some carols which really gave the feeling that Christmas is coming.

And lastly.....
I bought myself this little piglet called Wilbur. I just couldn't leave him in the shop.

I called him Wilbur after the pig in Charlotte's Web. I loved that book. My daughter R has the middle name of Fern, after the little girl in the story.

No doubt you will see more of Wilbur in posts to come.

I'll leave you with a lovely Christmas photo.

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