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Friday, 14 November 2014


Primarily, loving is an action rather than a feeling. It is practical and enterprising in its efforts to do good. It has eyes that look for opportunities to serve others.

Harry Goodhew

I am going on another decluttering splurge. I got rid of a lot of stuff last year when I was unsure as to whether I would have to sell my house or not and where I would be living. But I still have quite a way to go. My daughter is helping me. She is being my accountability person. She has had to do a lot of decluttering herself recently.

I am working on a little bit at a time. Baby steps. One of the things I have to stop doing is dumping stuff inside my front hall when I come in the door. The hall floor often becomes my letter filing system - which actually works quite well for me but does cause me some embarrassment when people come to the door.

According to Louis Barbauta "the clutter accumulates, because I’m not constantly purging the old." I need to start purging - especially my craft supplies. 

The problem is that I have bought a lot of craft supplies over the years and haven't had time to use most of them. I have been setting up a craft room but it is only small and currently quite chaotic. I don't want to get rid of too much because now I have more time to actually do some craft and I won't be able to afford to replace stuff any more now that I am on a pension.

My latest creation was a felt name for P:-)'s grand- daughter Sophie.

I made a card for P:-)'s daughter's boyfriend.

My mango tree is  flowering. I hope some mangoes appear. Last year they were too high to pick and the Catbirds ate them anyway.

I love toadstools and my daughter R bought me this cute little solar toadstool.

It glows very brightly.

I finally put an ad up in the local fruit market for tutoring people with spelling and reading problems. My printer wasn't working so I had to do it by hand.

It's been a week and I haven't heard anything yet. Early days. I may advertise in the local news paper after Christmas. I achieve pretty good results with my tutoring so I envisage that once I had one or two clients word will get out. That is what happened when I was tutoring a number of years ago.

Ever a bird watcher I spotted this bird in Davistown when we were there a couple of weeks ago. It took me a while to get around to identifying it.

It is a Long-Billed Corella. There was a small flock of them near Cockle Channel at Davistown.

This is my favourite time of the year - the run up to Christmas. Although it is a little early I will share a vintage picture with you that combines my love of Christmas and toadstools.

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  1. Those Corellas are everywhere it seams except here. The sulfur crested cockatoos were the scarce ones! I knew we were getting close to home when there were the sulfur crested cockatoos instead of the Corellas :)


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