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Saturday, 8 June 2013


Our final day in Melbourne saw P:-) and I heading off to St Kilda.

St Kilda clock tower

We had planned a walk along the pier and then a leisurely drive back along the coast through Brighton to Edithvale. We saw ourselves meandering our way along the beach side stopping in at a nice little coffee shop (or 2) by the sea. On the map it looked as if the road hugged the seaside but no such luck. But back to that later. First St Kilda Pier.

It was quite a windy day as we strolled down to the end of the pier.

St Kilda Pier
St Kilda Pier

The  towers of Melbourne city could be seen through the boat masts.

Melbourne city

Melbourne city through the boat masts

Melbourne City from the end of the pier.

Melbourne City from the end of the pier

There were a couple of black swans swimming around at the end of the pier.

St Kilda beach from the end of the pier

P:-) and I set the Navman for Brighton and expected a trip along the water, but the road went through the suburbs - close to the beach but not close enough for us to see any water. And so we set the Navman for the next major suburb along the road and finally found our way to Edithvale. At one stage we did pass some beach but it was edged by houses without one coffee shop to be seen. Finally, at about 4 o'clock when we decided any coffee shop would do, we found a cafe on the main street of Edithvale.

This beautiful spreading tree was just around the corner from the cafe where we parked our car.

From Edithvale we made our way directly back to Wantirna South where my Aunty P lives to say our goodbyes before we left the next day.

Interesting sites

Fascinating Japanese house
Photo source.
This is a narrow house on a small block in Kyoto, Japan. It has a fascinating interior, if not a little dangerous if you don't watch your step.  I'm not quite sure where everything is stored but click here to have a look inside.


 Green accessories built around plants

Photo source
Green accessories for those without much space. The photo above shows a coffee table fashioned around a potted plant. Click here to see some interesting examples of more space saving indoor planters.


 Fantasy furniture
Photo source

This is the King Toliver Castle Bunk Bed by Poshtots. Poshtots make the most beautiful but expensive fantasy furniture for children. Click here to see some great examples.

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