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Thursday, 7 March 2013


It is March. Autumn is officially here and summer is well and truly over. 2012/13 was officially Australia's hottest summer on record.

I didn't really notice the heat. I think it was because I have finished work and was not spending my days in a hot hall. I was working in a small school held in an old church hall. The school coordinator was always worried that if we opened the windows we might forget to close them so we sweltered on hot days.

March 5th was my mother's 81st birthday. We had a small family get together. It is interesting cooking for a range of diets including vegetarians, vegans,  meat lovers and mushroom haters.

So I made some slow cooked pot-roasted  beef, tuna bake with corn and mushrooms, baked potatoes and a variety of salads. We had sour dough bread and J brought some vegan mayonnaise. Everyone seemed to have sufficient.

My daughter J made a vegan  pandan birthday cake. It was multilayered with pandan and chocolate. It was lovely and I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo.

Meanwhile P:-) has been painting his boat.


It is a boat he built over 40 years ago. It is called 'Doris' after P:-)'s mother who died many years ago. I am looking forward to getting out on it again.

I love taking photos of flowers and couldn't resist these photos of Mum's geraniums yesterday.


And her plumbago.



And lastly the sunset over the mountains last night from P:-)'s house.

Sunset at P:-)'s place

Interesting sites

Photo source
This beautiful house is described as a modern hideaway for Tasmanian sheep shearers. this is a truly lovely guest house on North Bruny island. Click here  to view the slides of this lovely house.

Photo source
Iran used ice houses as far back as the seventeenth century BC. The Iranians had an ingenious method of making ice to fill their ice houses, some of which were used as recently as 50 years ago. Click here to read about it and see some photos of ancient ice houses in Iran.

Photo source
John Salinen is a water colour artist who paints pictures of Paris and New York. He captures light superbly. To view his paintings click here.

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  1. I wish summer would hurry up and properly end here - we're on track for a record stretch of 10 days over 30, with a couple of 37 degree days. I've had enough, especially of the warm nights.

    So that's what those blue flowers are! I've taken photos of them myself but never knew what they were called.