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Sunday, 15 July 2012


Sometimes you have to feed your soul, and sometimes you have to feed your cat.
Alex Miles Younger

It has been a week of eating, although I have been pretty careful. Last week was P:-)'s birthday. This meant a pre-birthday dinner with all his family on the Sunday. I made a very rich, double layer chocolate cake.

I made it very colorful and added small plastic creatures for decoration.

Monday was P:-)'s birthday and his son and daughter-in-law and two little grand daughters came down for lunch. Monday evening we were out to dinner at the Outback restaurant with daughter M and son-in-law B and B's parents. B's birthday is the same day as P:-)'s.

Tuesday night was dinner at Mum's. She cooked a delicious lemon meringue pie for P:-).

On Wednesday we went to the Wollongong Entertainment Centre to see Flight of the Concords, a comedy duo from New Zealand. They were very clever.

Saturday morning was pancakes with P:)'s eldest son and his family and then off to the Como Hotel for lunch for a big get together for P:-)'s daughter and son-in-law, who both have a 30th birthday in July.

Como Hotel photo source

It was certainly a week of family and socialising.

And now I am back at work today after 3 weeks off. The last word on my job is that applicants for the teacher position won't be contacted for a few more weeks. I am going to assume I have not got the job and start working towards this accordingly. My first port of call will be to check out my Centrelink entitlements. (Centrelink is the government agency that deals with welfare payments in Australia.) I am due to get a redundancy payout (not a lot as it is only paid on a maximum of 6 years and I have worked with my current employer for 15 years) and a payout for long service leave not taken (again, not particularly large.) I am not sure what my welfare entitlements will be with these payments. So I need to find out and get some financial and possibly legal advice.

This job situation is certainly dragging on and on.

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