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Thursday, 22 December 2011


It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful .

Over the last couple of weekends, much to P:-)'s "delight" I have been playing my Christmas carols CDs.

Christmas CDs.

I have accumulated these over the years - most of them I have never listened to. A couple of them by Chris Tomlin and Yvonne Kenny, I actually bought at full price. The others were "bargains" I couldn't resist - mostly on line.

I am trying to downsize my stuff. My children don't like Christmas Carol CDs, so I tend just to play the same ones over and over before Christmas day. So I have been listening to them systematically to decide which to get rid of - that is most of them. A lot of them have a terrible same-ishness about them. Some are hardly recognizable as Christmas carols - just generic jazz arrangements I am not fond of.

We tend not to hear a whole CD as when I put one on P:-) suddenly remembers places we have to go and things we have to do

The count down to Christmas is really on now

I have been shopping today. There is still another day until Christmas, but the shoppers were out in force. Suffice to say I finished most of it, but I always like to leave myself an extra day - just in case.

I have thrown a lot of my old and tatty - not old and nice- Christmas decorations out. But I couldn't resist this last little Santa today for $4.95.

Santa Ornament
He looks carved but is made of resin. I had to use the flash to photograph him and it really does detract from his old world look.

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