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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Today was pouring rain.

View from my computer
 Luckily, yesterday, I swept my gutter out on the road which was full of leaves. As it is the drain is blocking up a little with accumulated leaves, but it was easy enough to push them away with my foot.
Moving leaves away from drain.

If I hadn't done my sweeping yesterday I would have been up in the middle of the night, moving piles of leaves with my feet. I will still have to keep an eye on it.

When I did go outside today there were 3 parcels waiting for me.
The one on the left contained 2 books from Amazon - one about diet and the second about selling craft on line. The larger parcel on the right was some Wet-and-Forget to clean my deck with. The top parcel on the right was a diet shake that I am going to give a try.

We had dinner at Mum's tonight and finished off with blackberry pie which was delicious.

Blackberry pie and ice-cream.
Here below is a mystery photo. Can you guess what it is?

Answer in the next post.

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